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    » A. absinthium- Wormwood
    » A. racemosus- Shatavari Root
    » Acacia confusa
    » Acai Berry
    » Ajos Sacha
    » Alepidea amatymbica
    » Anadenanthera colubrina var. ceb
    » Anadenanthera peregrina Yopo
    » Angelica sinensis-Dong Quai Root
    » Aphrodisiac
    » Areca catechu- Betel Nut
    » Arthrospira platensis- Spirulina
    » Astragalus membranaceus
    » Azadirachta indica- Neem
    » B. grandiflora- Chiric Sanango
    » Bacopa monnieri- Bacopa
    » Bangalala & Love Reed
    » Banisteriopsis caapi
    » Bee Pollen
    » Bertholletia excelsa- Brazil Nut
    » Black Lava Salt
    » C. angustifolia- Bobinsana
    » C. halicacabum- Balloon Vine
    » Cactus Department
    » Calea zacatechichi
    » Camalonga Strychnos sp. Seeds
    » Canavalia rosea- Baybean
    » Cannabis sativa- Hemp Seeds
    » Centella asiatica- Gotu Kola
    » Cimicifuga racemosa-Black Cohosh
    » Cinnamomum- Cinnamon
    » Cola acuminata- Kola Nut
    » Cordyceps sinensis
    » Corydalis yanhusuo
    » Corynanthe yohimbe- Yohimbe
    » Curcuma longa- Turmeric
    » Cymbopogon citratus- Lemongrass
    » Dioscorea villosa- Wild Yam Root
    » Diplopterys cabrerana-Chaliponga
    » E. grandiflorum- Epimedium Leaf
    » E. senticosus- Eleuthero Root
    » Ephedra sinica- Ephedra
    » Erythrina mulungu- Mulungu
    » Eurycoma longifolia- Tongkat Ali
    » G. lucidum- Reishi Mushroom
    » G. pentaphyllum- Gynostemma
    » G. sylvestre- Gymnema Leaf
    » Gamma Oryzanol
    » gamma-Aminobutyric acid- GABA
    » Ginkgo biloba- Ginkgo
    » Griffonia simplicifolia
    » H. odoratissimum- Imphepho
    » H. perforatum- St John's Wort
    » H. procumbens- Devil's Claw Root
    » Heimia salicfolia
    » Herbal Bliss
    » Hoodia gordonii
    » Ilex guayusa- Wayusa
    » Ilex paraguariensis- Yerba Mate
    » L. barbarum-Lycii Goji Berry
    » L. edodes- Shiitake Mushroom
    » Lactuca virosa- Wild Lettuce
    » Laurus nobilis- Bay Leaf
    » Leonotis leonurus
    » Leonotis nepetifolia
    » Leonurus cardiaca- Motherwort
    » Lepidium meyenii- Maca
    » M. emarginata - Acerola Cherry
    » Marapuama- Muira puama
    » Matricaria recutita- Chamomile
    » Melissa officinalis- Lemon Balm
    » Mentha arvensis- Peppermint
    » Mentha piperita- Peppermint
    » Mentha spicata- Spearmint
    » Mexican Mimosa tenuiflora
    » Mimosa hostilis- Jurema
    » Mitragyna speciosa- Kratom
    » Moringa oleifera- Horseradish
    » Mushroom (Fungi)
    » Myristica fragans- Mace/Nutmeg
    » Nelumbo nucifera- Lotus
    » Nicotiana rustica- Mapacho
    » Nymphaea caerulea- Blue Lily
    » Nymphea alba
    » Ocimum sanctum- Holy Basil
    » P. cuspidatum- Japanese Knotweed
    » P. incarnata- Passion Flower
    » P. olacoides- Muira Puama Bark
    » P. piscipula-Jamaican Dogwood
    » Panax quinquefolius- Ginseng
    » Paullinia cupana- Guarana
    » Pedicularis densiflora
    » Peganum harmala- Syrian Rue
    » Physalis peruviana- Golden Berry
    » Piper methysticum - Kava
    » Psychotria viridis- Chakruna
    » Pygeum africanum
    » Rhodiola rosea- Rhodiola Root
    » Rosmarinus Officinalis- Rosemary
    » S. chinensis- Schisandra Berries
    » S. frutescens- Wildegansie
    » S. molle- Brazilian Pepper Tree
    » S. mukorossi- Soap Nuts
    » S. officinale- Comfrey Leaf
    » Sacred Lilys
    » Salix spp.- White Willow Bark
    » Salvia hispanica- Chia Seed
    » Sambucus nigra- Elder Berries
    » Sceletium tortuosum- Kanna
    » Scutellaria lateriflora-Skullcap
    » Serenoa repens- Saw Palmetto
    » Sesamum indicum- Sesame Seeds
    » Silene capensis- Dream Root
    » Stevia rebaudiana- Stevia
    » Synaptolepis kirkii- Uvuma-omhlo
    » T. camphoratus- Camphor Bush
    » T. panurensis- Clavo Huasca
    » Tabebuia chrysantha-Pau d arco
    » Tanacetum parthenium- Feverfew
    » Teas
    » Theobroma cacao- Cocoa Bean
    » Tribulus terrestris- Goat Head
    » Trichilia catigua- Catuaba
    » Trichocereus bridgessi- Achuma
    » Trichocereus pachanoi- San Pedro
    » Trichocereus peruvianus-P. Torch
    » Triticum aestivum- Wheatgrass
    » Turnera diffusa- Damiana Leaf
    » Ulmus rubra- Slippery Elm Bark
    » Uncaria tomentosa- Cat's Claw
    » Valeriana officinalis- Valerian
    » Viburnum opulus- Cramp Bark
    » Virola theidora
    » Vitex agnus-castus- Chaste Tree
    » Voacanga africana
    » Withania somnifera- Ashwagandha
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T. panurensis Clavo huasca Powdered W/Bulk- 3 Kilo-3000gms #JEN
T. panurensis Clavo huasca Powdered W/Bulk- 3 Kilo-3000gms #JEN
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 Erythrina mulungu (Mulungu)  Erythrina mulungu (Mulungu) 

Several Erythrina tree species are used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon as medicines, insecticides, and fish poisons. Mulungu has long been used in Brazil by indigenous peoples as a natural sedative: it has been used to calm an overexcited nervous system and promote a restful sleep. In both North and South American herbal medicine, Mulungu is considered to be an excellent sedative to calm agitation and nervous coughs and to treat other nervous system problems including insomnia and a ...(more) 


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 Erythrina mulungu (Mulungu) #Z  Erythrina mulungu (Mulungu) #Z 

Mulungu is a medium sized tree reaching up to 30 feet in height and is indigenous to northern Brazil, parts of Peru and tropical areas in Central America and Asia. It is sometimes called "coral tree" because of the numerous beautiful red flowers it produces that resemble coral. Mulungu carries black pods with large red and black seeds which are sometimes used by indigenous peoples to make necklaces and jewelry. Mulungu is known by several botanical names including Erythrina Mulungu, Erythri ...(more) 


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