Your Light

It was a night full of loneliness and dark, one that made you ache to see the light. Not the light that comes with day, but that light you see when someone you love comes walking your way.

I am here, preferring this darkness to your light. The exact reason is a mystery and may take a lifetime to un-puzzle. How many times have you felt my light sprinkle its warmth on your delicate features only to shrink away, fearful and afraid to stumble?

Still there is fear of this darkness.

Not a fear that connotes evil, sorrow or death, but one that bespeaks mystery and the mysteries of life that none of us can really ever hope to understand each other. So we continue to wrap ourselves in heavy wrought iron bars like a blanket of warmth and security.

Maybe the darkness is of aging, change and loss of purity?

You are there and now the solitariness of my darkness spreads out before your feet wherever you go, entertaining bargains that may imprison our souls. From the silver of the moon, I can see the whites in your eyes are sprinkled with nature's own moon dust reflecting the brightness of truths.

As this love fades, the darkness falls away to let a ray of light in to chase the shadows. In the darkest forest, there will be no sunrise.
A humbling reminder of how little one human being can ever know another.