New Sacred Lands

Have you ever sat in your parking lot of what should be your own Sacred Lands staring into the face of your own Soul that is being mirrored back to you? Broken down, spent and walking on a razors edge with what could be the last time this will ever happen again. You look into this face and only see a thousand broken hearts strung along on spiders web and hanging onto the cool night air.

Stuck, trapped and lost in your own space and time that you always held the key to but left it somewhere on the 79th floor. It was only when it crumbled, crashing down to earth did you even begin to realize that it was this being in the moment, was the moment that was lost forever. Like a slow motion freeze frame, your life had ended here and there was no way you knew how to press the Start button to begin again.

So you set off on this inward journey not knowing how to steer the careening and crashing of this vehicle that's now staring into another pair of green eyes that are looking back at you and undressing your own Soul. Suspicious, cautious and hardened by broken concrete and bent steel that form the bars of your self-imposed prison.

We shared time in the parking lot of our Sacred Lands. Words exchanged between two strangers whose only hopes were to ever be able to find where they lost and left the very beatings of their trembling hearts. Not knowing where to start or how to begin but that now is the time the black damp night of darkness is broken by red tail lights that form an upside down smile that take them back to a loneliness known all to well.

This time has been frozen too, behind eyelids that stare out in hopes of shafts of light. The healing that is taking place brings you riding in on waves of what can never be replaced, but why am I reminded that this healing I am going through is not all mine... but yours in faith?
I have done all the work but the only fruit I hold in hand is a barely beating heart.
The calls are ringing in the truth… but the ringer has been turned off.