My Empty Castle

Our last amount of love burns hot and drips emptily to the cold concrete floor like full-mooned tides that wash the stained sands of our life together away.

The memories are haunting me like pitch-black darkness is raped by light piercing candles.
Forever etched, burned and seared into my mind.
Will they... could they... ever disappear?
Is it... would I wish it... just a matter of time?

These coincidences keep coming, never seems to be the right time.
Is it also with you, or are they just mine?
Will we ever truly care enough to put an end to our pain?
Was it asking too much to put a stop to the shame?

Now you're gone.... another place, another time.
But I still feel your voice... I still hear your mind.
It's finally done and I know you can't come, so let's travel our separate roads and carry these pains of the love that we shared... of the love that will forever be compared.

With all that we bared and all that we've done...
could you ever believe this is where we would be and what we would become?
In this castle of mine that I'll eventually call a home...
my spirit will always hunger for a taste of your soul.