It felt like a hurricane rushing through my mind, a giant wave ending time. Serene, peace, green... you can begin again.

Feeling at the end of things, we all have felt that way. Yearning for a new beginning, you can begin again.

God put a new step in my walk, a new smile on my face, a new sparkle in my eye. Where do I find that courage? I am the master of my life. Seek Him first and the problems will all come last.

When the sun rises, will my spirit be reborn? Spiritual logic, look at the facts. One presence, one power. God is where I am.

That is what's seen, is an illusion. That is what's unseen, is forever.

Cast your net on the right side of the boat and your net will be filled with abundance. Bad is so often close to us when we look on the wrong side. Shift your attention just a little and you'll see the change. God is the flow of the universe. Put your hand in the hand of God and let It guide you.


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(About the picture- This was a cold winter day (yes... in Florida) and I sat in my car waiting to get this shot for a long time. This lady was sitting in front of a Publix grocery store. I didn't want her to see me photographing her but just as I took the picture, she looked in my direction and made eye contact with the camera. I thought it was so sad how everyone walked by her as if she wasn't even there. )