Beautifully Betrayed

Were you not a whore who created your own tomb from within...? How many times have you looked into a mirror and despised what you saw staring back at you? I too have crawled on my belly in other's spit, piss, blood and broken glass.

Why not make today the day that you look at your body as the house for your soul and not the cage for your pleasures of the flesh. Unlock the bars that keep you a prisoner held captive by no one but yourself. If you hunger, you will be fed. If you thirst, you will have drink.
When you instill your pain and create your strife, there is an absence of life. Will you break down those walls so your burdens can begin to fall or do you continue to walk your labyrinth only to find yourself at the same place you thought you had outgrew?

Don't let the tears stain your path, but let them fall like rain on you and bless your life. Don't hide away, getting dry inside... life is not about poverty, it is the richness of joy!

If you do not take care of your temple, where are you going to live?
There is a reflection of your beauty in my eyes but this cannot be seized. Let it flow through you and the Spirit grow in you.
The darkest nights of your soul will be the brightest lights you'll ever know.
Let the new soul love and the old soul die.

Who is your Mary anyway... did you really think she could roll your stone away? Did she wait for you all alone just so she could wash your feet with her tears and dry them with her hair? Did you find that special Light in her eyes that will never fade away... or was your Mary more like Peter who denied your love three times?

You once told me you were my Judas, as if your words would breathe His Holy Spirit upon me and my resurrection would be soon.
In my healing, I rise above betrayal to lie naked and exposed at the feet of your soul and try to remember what might have been agreed on so many lifetimes ago.

Two souls in love, we dance our karmic dance.
We dance... and dance... and dance.
We will always dance a dance of love...
as He loves us, through each other.

(About the picture- I took this photograph from up in a tree at a very old cemetary in Tampa Florida. The black figure crouched over is the inspiration for this writing.)